درخواست حذف این مطلب


the kingdom of israel was founded about 3000years ago bu an ancient tribe called the hebrews or later split apart and was conquered...

a movement called zionism developed in the late 1800s.its purpose was to unite the jews and create a jewish succeeded in 1948.the jewish homeland was created after world war ii ended in 1945.

as the jewish claim,nearly 6 million european jews were murdered by germany’s nazi goverment.this event,known as the holocaust,convinced many people of the need for a jewish state.

thousands of immigrants poured into israel after,jews and arabs live separately in israel.they speak different languages_hebrew and arabic.they are divided by religion,too.most arabs are muslims.

indeed this land is known as palestine but inspired by the dream of having a country,jewish immigrants began moving to palestine.

zionists are killed a huge number of palestines!!!

there is a lot of painful documents and images about the crimes of zoinists that just watching them(not exprience them)bother your heart...